Practical Training

Practical trainings (internships) are performed in real workplaces including as many as 30 sectors.

All sectors
  • Mechanics
  • Welders
  • Shop Assistant
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Interior design
  • Fashion design
  • Gastronomy
  • Logistics
  • Tourism
  • Sports
  • Hairdresser
  • Computer Science/IT
  • Administration
  • Photography
  • Marketing/Commerce
  • Scenic Design
  • Beauty Technicians
  • Graphic Design
  • Electrician
  • Car industry
  • Telecommunication
  • Environment protection
  • Textile industry
  • Theater, dance, music
  • Engineering design
  • Education
  • Culture, Art

These are perfect opportunities to experience how a company is run in the actual environment and culture, with the actual and necessary working hours. Students get acquainted with production processes, work phases, the order of working operation, and the company rules and regulations.

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