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Our mission is to create as much opportunity as possible for students and youngsters to gain practical experience, develop foreign language skills and to experience Europe to the fullest.

In 2012 our founding members – who have several years of experience in drafting and implementing tenders announced by the European Commission – established AusTraining Lern.ziel GmbH. The primary objective of AusTraining is to use this knowledge, experience and network in order to help and assist all those who desire to change their lives as well.


Peter Takacs

Office Manager
I used to be working as a language trainer in the past 10 years teaching English and German for adults and young people. Seeing my students make progress and attain their objectives made me very happy indeed at all times. Luckily enough, work at Austraining gives me the very same feeling every single day: helping Erasmus+ learners accomplish their internships at the most excellent companies in Vienna while gaining plenty of new work experience and developing their professional skills.

Nicole Zayac

Project Coordinator
I have been a member of the Austraining team since February 2016. I started as a tour guide, where I  was responsible for introducing students to the city of Vienna. I have since taken on new duties as a Project Coordinator, and enjoy the challenge of finding appropriate placements for students. I value the experience of helping students further their career objectives by obtaining relevant experience in real world work situations.

Daniela Dania

Project Coordinator
My name is Daniela and I am 32 years old. I have recently become a member of the Austraining team. I enjoy working with children and have a 10 year old daughter. Therefore I am used to working with and being around young people. Outside of this, my interests include traveling and foreign culture. For this reason I enjoy with the interns, because I also have the opportunity to learn something about their culture.


Project Coordinator
My name is Sabrina and I have been working for AusTraining Lern.ziel since September 2015. I had always been interested in working with young people and ever since I joined AusTraining. The most challenging aspect of my job as a project coordinator is to find high-quality work placements for our trainees. The most rewarding part of my work comes when trainees tell me at the end of their stay that they would be very happy to stay and work in Vienna after completing their vocational training or when they tell me that they have already been offered a job.

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